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What is Term Life Insurance?

A term life insurance policy is an agreement between the insurer and the policyholder that guarantees payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies during a specified term. Term insurance provides useful life cover at low premiums.

Advantages of Term Life Insurance

  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable premiums
  • Low Claim Rejection
  • Financial Security for family

Capital Tree can help you in choosing the best plan for you and your whole family.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Plans

Maha Raksha Supreme

Pure Life Insurance Term Plan
  • Life Cover up to Age 85 or option for Whole Life coverage (till age 100 years)
  • Inbuilt Payout Accelerator Benefit that advances 50% of Basic Sum Assured in event of a Terminal Illness diagnosis
  • Increase in cover at future milestone events in your life with Life Stage Plus Option, without the hassles of fresh medical underwriting
  • Pay only once, for a limited period or throughout the policy term
  • Option to enhance protection through rider1
  • Discount on rates for customers opting for higher level of protection
  • Discounted rates for female lives and Standard premium rates for non-smokers
  • Tax benefits2 as per applicable tax laws

Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan

Best for Maturity and Retirement Planning
  • Flexibility to choose Plan Option: Endowment, Regular Income or Whole Life Income
  • Life cover for the financial protection of your loved ones
  • Guaranteed Additions1 to boost corpus year on year under Endowment Option
  • Flexibility to cover your spouse in same policy under Whole Life Income Option
  • Choice of Policy Term with limited Premium Payment Term
  • Enhance your protection with optional Riders2

Value Income Plan

Immediate income and Child Plan
  • Flexibility to choose plan option
    1. Endowment; or
    2. Endowment with extended life cover till Age 100
  • Receive Cash Bonus* or Accumulate cash bonuses*, if declared payable at maturity.
  • Get Cash Bonus*, if declared each year on policy anniversary or on birthday following the second policy anniversary.
  • Receive Guaranteed Maturity Benefit1 with bonuses*, if declared on maturity
  • Flexibility of multiple Policy Term & Premium Payment Term
  • Enhance your protection with optional Riders2
  • Receive tax benefits as per the applicable Income Tax laws3

Diamond Savings Plan

Regular Income and child plan
  • Receive guaranteed income* after premium payment term;
  • Get vested Compound Reversionary Bonus and Terminal Bonus#, if any; on maturity or on death
  • Flexible policy term & premium paying term
  • Get life cover for the entire policy term;
  • Enhance your protection with optional Riders1;
  • Eligible for tax benefits2 under Section 80C and 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, as amended from time to time.

*Provided the policy is inforce

HDFC Life Insurance Plans

Click 2 Protect 3D Plus

  • Coverage against Death, Disability and Disease
  • Choice of 9 Insurance Policy Options
  • Tax benefit under Sec 80C & 10D

Sanchay Par Advantage

  • Survival Benefit Payouts from as early as 1st Policy year*
  • Life cover to protect the family’s future
  • Tax Benefits**

Sanchay Plus

  • Guaranteed* Benefit Payouts
  • Life cover to protect the family’s future
  •  Life Long Income Option (retirement)
  • Tax Benefits**

ICICI Pru Term Insurance Plans

Savings Suraksha Endowment Plan

  • Get life cover for the entire policy term
  •  Savings with the comfort of guarantees –
  •  Flexibility – Choose premium payment term, premium payment mode,
    Sum Assured on death and policy term as per your need
  •  Tax benefits – Tax benefits apply to premiums paid and benefits
    T&C3 milestones
  • Tax benefits under Sec 80 C & 10 (10 D)

Lakshya Lifelong Income

  • Protection of life cover throughout the policy term
  • Increase your savings with the applicable Guaranteed Value Benefits
  • A flexible plan to help you meet various financial needs with an option to take payouts
  • Liquidity during the policy term to help you in case of financial emergencies
  • Convenient options to pay your premiums in annual, half-yearly, or monthly frequency
  • Tax benefits may be applicable on premiums paid and benefits received as
    per prevailing tax laws

These are some selected policies by our customized policy planning expert. Please visit our contact page in order to discuss any of the above policy or if you want to about more life insurance policies.

All the information displayed above is not ours. This is taken from the respective insurance websites and we don’t take any type of responsibility for the above data.Please refer to the policy documents or contact our expert before taking any action.

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