Nobody has enough time to analyze the market and pick stocks. Better pick a mutual fund and let them handle everything.

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What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that brings money from investors like you and me into a collective pool. It uses this pool to purchase different types of securities like stocks, bonds, and gold. As the prices of securities vary with time, the mutual fund scheme provides its returns which is, in turn, the investor’s return. The mutual fund is managed consistently with a fixed objective. With the help of an experienced mutual funds advisor, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of your investment in long term.

Why should you invest in mutual funds?

  There are many reasons to invest in mutual funds.

  • Diversification: It’s hard to invest in stock in a diverse manner since you have to buy a lot of stocks in order to achieve that. Here mutual funds help in portfolio diversification and reduce risks at the same time.
  • Professional Management: With mutual funds, you don’t have to pick stocks and manage investments yourself as it requires both time and skill.
  • Transparency: Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) directly regulates Mutual Funds which ensures best practices by AMCs. An investor is always well aware of where their money is being invested.
  • Ease of investment: There are numerous commission charges and large transaction fees needed to create a diverse portfolio. Mutual funds spare you out of it. They allow investors in setting up even small denomination periodic funds and let them enjoy a diversified portfolio.

What is the need of a mutual fund advisor?

The question exists in the mind of many people that they really need a financial advisor? Are the resources available online are not sufficient? Is it beneficial to spend money on a mutual fund advisor?

Well, the answer to all of your queries is that Yes it is of utmost importance to have a good financial advisor to look over your investments. An advisor holds very refined knowledge about different investment options, the involved risk factors and he also has a good sense of market fluctuations. Here are a few benefits of having a good mutual fund advisor:

  • You get “honest advice” whenever you need some information to make few important financial decisions.
  • With an advisor, you always remain informed about the market’s upcoming market downfalls.
  • He also informs you about the market risks to prevent committing any lossy financial decisions.
  • A good mutual fund advisor helps you plan and achieve your financial goal quickly.

Capital Tree Financial Services is now an established name as the top mutual fund advisor in Lucknow. We understand the core of Indian investors and suggest to them the best possible mutual fund schemes. With us, you get the most calibrated investment approach towards your investment. 

Most Popular Mutual Funds Schemes

SBI Magnum COMMA Fund

SBI Magnum Comma Fund is one such mutual fund that aims to provide investors with chances for growth as well as the possibility of regular returns by investing predominantly in a portfolio of stocks of commodities and its related businesses stocks.

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