Get the best insurance advice to secure your life, family, and assets. Insurance serves you like nobody else. With a trusted insurance policy, through a certified insurance advisor, you become ready to face any type of challenge in your life.

Capital Tree provides various insurance facilities like life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, etc.

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Different Insurance at Capital Tree

General Insurance

The main reason to have general insurance is to protect one’s belongings and assets against financial loss. The law also requires us to be insured against some liabilities. That is, in case we cause losses to another person, that person is entitled to compensation.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a type of insurance plan in which an insurance company assures the policyholder to compensate his/her medical expenses based on the sum insured in the policy. It can cover your hospitalization expenses, critical illness expenses, etc.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is an agreement between the insurer and the policyholder that guarantees payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies. Life insurance provides useful life cover at low premiums and provides additional protection.

Why do you need Insurance?

While you are building an investment strategy, Capital Tree investment advisor suggests that you should mind adding insurance to that strategy. Different kinds of insurance schemes serve different purposes to help you in many ways against unpredictable expenses. Here are few points why you have a

  1. Insurance adds security to your investment plan in a diverse manner.
  2. It enables compensation of losses, gives financial stability, and promotes a healthy trade mindset.
  3. For example, health insurance covers all your health-related expenses from medicines to hospital charges.
  4. Life insurance provides financial stability for your family even in your absence.
  5. Motor insurance helps you cover any kind of accidental damage to your vehicle.

What is the need for an insurance advisor?

Insurance policy is helpful but there are a lot of terms that need to be taken care of. If you miss any point, it might lead to insurance-related issues at the time of need.

But an insurance advisor can be of great help. An insurance advisor is a person who represents insurance companies and helps clients in buying insurance products. The advisor helps you understand all the terms and conditions related to the insurance policy. In this way, you choose the best scheme for yourself.

With Capital Tree you gets the best insurance advice in Lucknow

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