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We believe in promoting prosperity

As a growing financial advisory in Lucknow, our vision is to develop the financial literacy of our customers and improve their finances.

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Our Vision

Our core motive is to increase the financial literacy of the common man of the country. When knowledge increases, prosperity comes as an outcome. Our financial services are devoted for the same.

Our Principle

Capital Tree believes in delivering the best financial advice to our customers. We do this with maximum transparency to give our customers the belief which they don’t get anywhere else.

Our Mission

Capital Tree believes in delivering the latest schemes to our service partners. We keep as much transparency as possible to avoid future confusions.

About the Founder - Mr Aditya Sharma

Mr Aditya Sharma started Capital Tree on October 4th, 2020. As it is already mentioned in the vision, he simply wants to share his financial knowledge with all those who are looking for an experienced and well qualified financial advisor. Mr. Aditya Sharma is a certified financial planner. He holds AMFI & IRDAI certified. He has also worked for an investment firm for over 4 years. He has a good grip over business & personal finance.

Mr. Sharma has consulted over 1000+ individuals across Lucknow. Currently, after the beginning of Capital Tree in Rajajipuram, he is serving the society as a reputed Financial Advisor in Lucknow.

Why should you choose Capital Tree?

  • Capital Tree is the best financial firm in Lucknow. Our core motive is to increase the financial literacy of the common man of the country.
  • Capital Tree Financial Services helps our respected investors with their wealth management  through customized financial advice.
  • We gives services for all major financial products like Fixed Deposit, Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance, Loan and tax consultancy.
  • We provide the best investment management services. We help our clients in visualizing their financial objectives.
  • With specified financial goals, we make customized financial plans for better funds allocation. The trust of the customer in his/her wealth management service provider keeps every organization alive forever.
  • Capital Tree focuses on delivering the latest financial schemes from our investment service partners. Our Company believes in keeping as much transparency as possible to avoid confusion in the future.

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