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SBI Magnum COMMA Fund – Best Commodities Fund

Since January 2021 the SENSEX has rallied between 46300 up to 52137. The effect of this change has made new investors highly interested in Pharma stocks, IT stocks, and Energy-related stocks.

No doubt these stocks have good performance in the long term as well as short term but new investors should also look at commodities and commodity-related shares. The current MCX commodity variation is around 6% high since last month.

source: trading view

So if you are a good investor, you can do your research and analysis and select top-performing stocks based on various technicals. But what if you are a new investor or you want to start investing with a small amount.

Capital Tree suggests you the best return providing a mutual fund that is made up of commodities.

SBI Magnum COMMA Fund

SBI Magnum Comma Fund is one such mutual fund that aims to provide investors with chances for growth as well as the possibility of regular returns by investing predominantly in a portfolio of stocks of commodities and its related businesses stocks.

The fund invests a minimum of 80% in stocks of companies in commodities like oil & gas, metals, materials, agriculture, tea & coffee, and textiles.


SBI Magnum Comma Fund has the flexibility to invest up to 20% in stocks other than those related to the commodity space and/or debt or money market instruments.

Different Schemes in SBI Magnum COMMA Fund:

  • SBI Magnum COMMA Fund – Regular Plan – IDCW
  • SBI Magnum COMMA Fund – Direct Plan – IDCW
  • SBI Magnum COMMA Fund – Direct Plan – Growth

Benefits of the Fund:

1. Enjoy the profit margin of multiple stocks without investing large amounts or buying more stocks.

2. No worries about portfolio management. The AMC and fund manager very effectively manage the portfolio and rebalance it regularly.

3. You don’t have to face the volatility of one stock. When you invest in a mutual fund, it means you are investing partly in all the stocks in its portfolio.

4. It costs you very little and helps you accumulate funds that can beat inflation as well.

Capital Tree is an emerging brand in terms of all financial services. We help our clients with customized financial planning. We help them in setting up their investment journey in a fully digital manner. With us, you have the freedom to start investing and parking your funds in the financial instruments of your choice.

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