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Top 5 Mutual Funds Research and Analysis Resources

Everybody says that it is always good to research mutual funds well before investment.

If you search on the Internet you will find information on mutual funds through company websites, aggregators, and other resources, but most of them don’t cover much. On the other hand, there are a few good sites that provide you most trusted facts and details on most of the active mutual funds in India.

So, where to find these mutual funds research and analysis details?

Here are the best resources for researching and analyzing your mutual funds in India.

Moneycontrol is the best website for all kinds of business and market-related facts and data. It shares information on the share market, mutual funds, bonds, and anything related to it.

For mutual funds, you have to select a mutual fund from the menu. It provides a one-click list for performance tracker, top-performing mutual funds, ETF, mutual fund screener, mutual fund forum, etc.

moneycontrol mutual funds analysis, sip calculator
  • Value Research

This is also a great website to get information bout mutual funds. Here you can get the following information:
Mutual Funds insight, Wealth insight, Best funds for growth, stock advisors, Best and worst performance of the fund,
Sector Allocation etc.

value research funds, best mutual funds, mutual funds reports
  • ET Money

ETMoney provides a diverse category of mutual funds information. You can find mutual funds based on different categories and also top-performing mutual funds as well.

etmoney  analysis of mutual funds, sip calculator
  • Fundzbazar

Fundsbazar also provides detailed information about mutual funds. The fundzperformance portal gives a dedicated interface to select from a variety of AMC based on their nature and cap (large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap).

fundzbazar funds performance portal
  • Groww

Groww provides a detailed study of mutual funds, comparison, history, and analysis based on the previous performance of mutual funds.

One specific feature is that it also shares the current holding which has invested in the fund.

groww mutual funds detailed research

What does Capital Tree provide?

Doing financial research on your own is fine, but it’s not quite easy to find the most prominent fund as per your need.

Capital Tree helps you find the best mutual funds to invest in. We help people with customized financial planning.

Capital Tree financial experts practice proper funds research and prepare customized reports for clients.


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