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Fixed Deposit​

Invest in fixed deposit schemes and earn higher interest rates on FD. Fixed deposits are less risky investment products with more interest. Consult with Capital Tree Services to know the best fixed deposit rates and PPF Schemes.

mutual funds | capital tree services | weekly sip

Mutual Funds

Market risks are everywhere but Mutual Funds Sahi hai. Be it SIP investment, short-term or long term investment, mutual funds are always considered a good investment tool. You can contact mutual fund advisor at Capital Tree Financial Services.

life insurance | capital tree financial services

Life Insurance

It is a guarantee for payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies during a specified term. We can help you with various popular life insurance. Contact the top life insurance advisor in Lucknow for financial planning and insurances.

health insurance services | insurance advisor lucknow

Health Insurance

Illness and diseases don’t come with a warning. Cover your hospitalization and critical illness medical expenses with health insurance. Capital Tree Financial Services offers the best insurance advice to our customers.

insurance services lucknow | insurance advice lucknow

General Insurance

The loss of any specific financial event which can lead to waste all your life savings. Capital Tree can help you with health insurance, motor insurance etc. Our customers say, "We are the "best insurance advisor in Lucknow". Contact us to know more.

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Build a home of your dreams. Buy the vehicle of your choice. Plan the long-pending trip to the mountains. Get your children enrolled in the top schools. Achieve your goals with low interest personal loans. Connect with the best loan consultant in Lucknow

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What is the need for financial knowledge?

We strongly believe that everybody should learn how to manage their finances when people start earning money.

Money management and asset management don’t mean only buying property or investing in something. It is much more than that.

The key point is gaining knowledge about your investments so that you can choose wisely.

Here the role of Capital Tree comes into play. We, at Capital Tree, welcome you to learn and grow with us. We are dedicated to queries and to provide the best financial advice possible.

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What do customers think about Capital Tree?

When it comes to the quality of service, the words of customers serve as the best parameter to decide. Customers share the reviews based on how they feel.

Capital Tree constantly takes feedback from our newly connected customers as well as the long-term customers. This helps us enough space to improve our service quality.

You should check out the following reviews to finalize Capital Tree as your next choice for all kinds of financial decisions and advisory.

It’s been great collaborating with Capital Tree. The staff is well versed and experienced. They’ll guide you like your family. They are very helpful and will give the right advice.


Ayush Trivedi

Capital tree is the best financial advisor and gave the best support in this pandemic.


Ravi Shukla

I had a great experience visiting this organization, The staff was very well trained, and especially the owner seems to be well versed with the business and has a good experience in the finance industry.


Ankur Srivastava

If you think you hold good financial knowledge and your suggestions can help people, we are here to provide you a platform to share your knowledge and learn with experiences.

Need any kind of financial advice?

Just connect with us to get personalized financial assistance.

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